U+262E: Two Fingers To War

Here is a very cool installation I got to work on for a couple of weeks with LOVE. and DOROTHY. There is a photo booth thing where groups / individuals make crazy poses and get added to a huge photo wall projection above DJ’s and Rappers on stage. The wall can literally build up forever, until we get hit by the next millennium bug anyway. The installation was for CTRL+ALT+SHIFT. at the United Underground 2 held in London’s Southbank Centre. We were invited to set it up and watch people using it. It was rewarding to see people having a laugh with it! A special thanks goes out to Mr Palmer for his top class salesperson skills which helped steer people in to the booth!

Here is the result:

Here is Myself, Adam and Jim in the last photo, not realising we had already missed our last train from London Euston:

And here’s some other people using it: